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The Netherlands first 1.32MWh Smart Energy Storage System - AmpiFARM™

Ampowr Hall: 2 Stand: 246

As we experience increased energy costs, grid congestion and energy insecurity, the need for energy storage systems is dramatically increasing.

Ampowr is leading the energy transition, having installed a 1.32MWh AmpiFARM™ (Smart Energy Storage System). This ESS is powering The Netherlands first net zero distribution centre.

AmpiFARM™ Project Features Solar Panels: - 2700 solar panels - Generate 1MWp of Solar Energy Ampowr Solar Inverters: - 8 Solar Inverters - 120kW per inverter AmpiFARM™ (ESS) - Smart Energy Storage System - 1.32MWh Storage - 40ft (12m) system - Solar, grid and facility connected Integrated Features: - 500kW Power Conditioning System - Battery Management System - Energy Management System - HVAC System - Automatic Fire Extinguisher Nano Crystal Batteries: - 8 Battery Racks - 144 NCPB Battery Packs - Equivalent to daily energy consumption of 500 households Ampowr Low Voltage Distribution System: - Connects all renewable assets Ampowr Cosmos: - Energy Monitoring and Management - System Control and Optimisation

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