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22 Feb 2024

BOSS Off Road Vehicles Ltd

BOSS Off Road Vehicles Ltd Stand: LEV 8
BOSS Off Road Vehicles Ltd
Corvus Terrain EX4 electric utility vehicle

BOSS ORV is the sole UK distributor of Corvus Off-Road Vehicles, Powerland, Paxster and Faunamaster

BOSS Off-Road Vehicles, as sole UK distributor of Corvus Off-Road Vehicles, Paxster, Faunamaster and Powerland, brings eco-friendly vehicle solutions to agriculture. The Corvus Terrain EX4 100% electric 4x4 utility vehicle is built in a European factory that adheres to sustainable practices. The EX4 successfully tackles rough terrain while also being legal for driving on roads, making it ideal as a silent, non-polluting everyday vehicle.

The Paxter eCompact and eStretch are all-electric, compact and agile utility vehicles. They are suited to an exceptionally wide range of applications and are engineered for hard work and practicality. Built for sustainability, they are available as new, and 2nd Drive last nut and bolt factory refurbished models. As a single-seat vehicle, the Paxter is ideal for navigating tight spaces and features an electric tipper. It has the ability to draw up to 3000 watts from onboard sockets for powering tools and machinery.

Powerland’s Tachyon electric all-terrain vehicle offers all the benefits of conventional off-road utility vehicles while ensuring no damage to the environment. The manufacturer says they have the aim of inspiring more companies to fundamentally change the way they operate for a more sustainable future. The Tachyon is the complete, fully electric (Li-ion) road-legal ATV with tractor homologation.

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