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FARMEYE: Empowering Sustainable Agriculture through Data and Technology Integration

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FARMEYE: Empowering Sustainable Agriculture through Data and Technology Integration
Colour-coded Farm Map Displaying Phosphorus Levels and FARMEYE SoilMate App

Over the past 7 years, FARMEYE has accumulated one of the largest soil databases in the world. Based in Athlone, the Irish AgTech company has used insights generated from 150,000+ soil samples to support over 14,000 farmers across seven countries in Europe. With a UK office now established, the company looks to assist British farmers in their sustainability efforts, not only on soil but across the natural capital space.

Originating as a University of Galway project in the West of Ireland, FARMEYE has evolved under the leadership of founders Eoghan Finneran, Brendan Allen, and Joe Desbonnet. Today, the team supports thousands of farmers, numerous agriculture consultants, and prominent blue-chip supply chain partners like Lakeland Dairies, Tirlan, and Diageo to become more sustainable.

FARMEYE’s award-winning platform integrates the “FARMEYE SoilMate” infield app with geospatial technology to display ground-truth natural capital data at farm level, to support farmers in managing soil health, carbon, biodiversity, and water quality.

This natural capital data collection process involves soil samplers or surveyors using the FARMEYE SoilMate app to collect soil samples or field observations. These data points are then displayed on the cloud-based platform. This app links the location of that data point to the location in the field, ensuring accuracy and verification of the information collected. 

For soil sampling, the Natural Capital MRV (measurement, reporting, verification) provider has collaborated with the leading laboratories in the UK, using barcode technology to streamline the entire sampling process. Once samples are analysed at the lab, results feed directly into the FARMEYE system, allowing farmers to see field-by-field analysed results displayed on their digitised farm map.

The GIS platform then acts as the home for collected data, enabling farmers to access actionable, verified information directly through their farm account. This data includes back-end verification, such as sample point locations in the field, data collection dates, and individual laboratory certificates, offering trust to farmers and stakeholders.

This collection process also supports FARMEYE’s corporate and advisor dashboards, enabling consultants and supply chains to manage, view, and understand the natural capital at both individual farm and broader programme levels. Leveraged by some of the leading dairy, beef, and arable processors in the UK and Ireland, this aggregated data can be utilised to help farmers and their partners get the best value for the ecosystem services they provide and achieve scope 3 reduction targets.

Given the challenges posed by climate change, supply chain demands, and compliance requirements, FARMEYE is well placed to assist British farmers in alleviating these pressures. For instance,  FARMEYE’s soil sampling service can provide verified soil analysis and nutrient management plans to ensure compliance with government schemes such as SFI, SFS, and Countryside Stewardship. Each set of soil results includes access to the FARMEYE system, custom FARMEYE soil health reports, as well as traditional lab reporting. Over time, the FARMEYE system can serve as the on-going repository for this farm-specific data, year after year. 

Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of any digital AgTech nowadays is interoperability. Recognising the prevalence of various software and applications in farm operations, FARMEYE operates an open policy on collaboration with potential partners, to ease the tech burden on farms. FARMEYE has this open approach in order to maximise the value of available data for farmers and agronomists. Multiple APIs (application programming interfaces) are supported by FARMEYE, and the platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing farm management systems.


Led by UK Country Manager, Kevin Fennelly, this is a significant year for the FARMEYE UK team as they expand their presence across the UK. Look out for the team as they exhibit at events such as the upcoming Low Carbon Agriculture show (stand #2650), Groundswell, Down to Earth, and more, throughout the year. For more information and regular agri-focused content, follow FARMEYE across their social media platforms.

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