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20 Feb 2024

Welcome to Quintas Cleantech!

Quintas Cleantech Hall: 2 Stand: 746
Welcome to Quintas Cleantech!
Lease your land for solar development

The UK farming sector faces uncertain times, with many landowners looking to safeguard their income through diversification. Against such a background, there is no better time to put idle acres to good use by leasing your land for solar development with Quintas. By doing so, you are guaranteed a steady, inflation-linked rental income stream for the next 30 to 40 years, as well as helping the UK reach its net carbon goals.

Who are we?

Quintas Cleantech is a solar farm developer, operating across the UK and in Europe. We have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of developing, constructing, and managing solar farms thanks to the know-how of our 150+ solar PV specialists and our close association with our sister company, Quintas Energy – one of Europe’s leading solar PV asset managers, with over 200 UK solar farms under management. Thanks to this we can bring experience and expertise to everything concerning solar farms and the local communities in which they are based.

We believe profitable partnerships between UK landowners and renewable energy developers will power Britain’s economic recovery, and we are passionate about our role in this. Through experience we know local stakeholders are key to the success of a solar project, all the way through development, construction, and operation. For this reason, we are always looking for landowners interested in leasing land for solar development. Here’s why you should let Quintas Cleantech be your partner:

  • As solar PV specialists with over a decade in the industry, we know how to develop top-quality solar plants.
  • We don’t just develop solar projects: we also guide them through construction and oversee the full project lifecycle – so Quintas will support you from start to finish.
  • Our strong commitment to ESG means that we only partner with the most ethical suppliers and contractors.
  •  Our financial standing, and that of our investors, makes us a solid counterparty for a long-term lease agreement.
  • Our asset management background means we understand the potential pitfalls of solar PV development – and know how to avoid them.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, landowners rent their unused land to us. In return they receive a competitive, index-linked income for at least the next 30 years – and Britain gets more clean energy.

Quintas will do all the heavy lifting. As seasoned solar PV specialists, we handle all technical, legal, or financial matters regarding the solar farm, leaving you free to enjoy an income stream without worrying about any of the operational aspects. As part of the development process, we carry out comprehensive environmental assessments to ensure that the local biodiversity is respected. We also engage expert ecologists to devise landscaping and ecology management plans which we follow carefully, to achieve this goal. During this planning stage, we also carry out visual impact assessments, to make sure that the site will blend in well with its surroundings and have the least possible aesthetic impact on the surrounding countryside.

We are committed to ensuring the landowner’s peace of mind from a legal perspective too. As a principled and respectful counterparty, we will ensure that the lease agreement contains all the protections you would expect – from decommissioning obligations to comprehensive insurance requirements. Your lease agreement can also be tailored to include any special requirements that you may have. If, for example, you would like sheep to be able to graze the site this will not a problem – our team will ensure that the lease agreement contains a grazing licence to make this possible.

Why choose Quintas?

Since we manage more than 200 solar projects across the UK, we know everything about developing good quality solar projects that exist in harmony with their surroundings.

We consider ourselves the perfect choice to handle all stages of solar PV projects because our ethos is to develop sites to the highest standards of quality, as we are in it for the long run. The solar plants we develop will be built to last and they will remain under Quintas ownership and asset management long after construction. This means that the landowners we work with can confidently rely on us as a single point of contact for any questions or concerns – from the very beginning of the development process through to construction, and finally to the plant being operational.

Track down Quintas Cleantech UK at Low Carbon Agriculture 2024, where the team will be exhibiting. They are looking forward to connecting with UK landowners interested in reaping the benefits of leasing their land for solar development. They will also be carrying out free on-the-spot feasibility assessments for anyone interested in this opportunity.

  • Are you interested in leasing your unused land for solar development? Catch up with us at Low Carbon Agriculture 2024, or visit our website: 
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