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Carbon Focus Engineering Ltd

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Carbon Focus Engineering Ltd

Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE) harnesses the extensive experience of their team to design, install and maintain Low Carbon Energy systems for businesses and organisations across various sectors including agriculture, throughout the UK. Their portfolio encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies, including biomass heating, solar thermal, solar PV, heat pumps, and Pyrolysis.


Cliff Farm, North Carlton,
United Kingdom
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  • Efficient air movement is crucial in commercial heat distribution, commonly facilitated by fan coils and air handling units (AHUs) for businesses. Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE) collaborates closely w ...
  • Justsen Energiteknik A/S, a leading OEM specializing in biomass-fueled boiler systems, collaborates with Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE) as a key technical partner in the UK. Operating diverse systems, ...
  • Amidst a decarbonization drive and rising grid electricity costs, the demand for on-site electricity generation has surged. Fuel security and operational stability are now paramount. Combined Heat and ...
  • Consultation & data gathering Site surveys Assess planning permissions/conditions Assess EA permit conditions Existing energy usage/profile Carbon modelling Fuel cost modelling
  • Biomass storage bunkers, silos Materials handling & movement equipment e.g., conveyors, top loaders, augers Pipework-welded steel & press fit Buffer vessels/thermal stores Heat emitters e.g., Fan coil ...
  • CFE provide the following aftercare services: Heat- meter replacement Biomass boiler specialist services Boiler optimisation and re-commissioning service Remote monitoring of plant and equipment Fabri ...
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants in the UK commonly waste energy through heat dissipation from the engine's heat jacket and exhaust stack. Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE) has partnered with various AD i ...
  • Pyrolysis is an effective carbon removal method. Unlike decay or incineration it securely binds carbon into biochar. Biochar, when added into soil or construction materials, facilitate long-term CO2 r ...
  • Biomass fuels such as wood chip, pellet & straw, provides a reliable and weather-independent source of renewable energy. A sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, biomass is carbon-neutral and cost-e ...


  • Positive reception to the Government's newly published Biomass Strategy, which underscores the vital role of biomass in ensuring energy security and achieving Net Zero emissions.
  • This article highlights straw and Miscanthus as abundant, low-cost, and environmentally friendly fuel sources, particularly in the context of global events shaping energy considerations for businesses


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