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02 Feb 2021

Keeping on top of your RHI data submissions

Keeping on top of your RHI data submissions
It is important for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) participants to take and submit regular meter readings to Ofgem correctly and at the right time as they determine how much you will get paid through the scheme. Any incorrect data submissions can result in withheld RHI payments or unsuspected compliance action being taken. Submitting data can be a complex process, however, NFU Energy’s Periodic Data Submission (PDS) service looks after this for you by removing the hassle and giving you peace of mind that your RHI payments will continue. How does PDS affect me? Generally, everyone is required to make quarterly submissions, which in turn will get paid on a quarterly basis. The specific detail and frequency of submission varies depending on system type and system size. Why do I need a PDS service? You need to ensure that you report your sustainability correctly for your fuel. Continued late submission of data and/or the failure to take readings at the required time may result in compliance action being taken and payments being withheld. So, a PDS service is beneficial to anyone accredited onto the RHI scheme as it removes any hassle or confusion that the data submission might cause and offers detailed reports which explains what you will be paid. How can NFU Energy help? Our dedicated team of experts are ready to check, prepare and submit your data and provide support at every stage. For systems less than 1 MW We will gather and check your meter reads and any relevant fuel information to make quarterly submissions to Ofgem on your behalf. We will advise and assist with how you can meet your sustainability requirements. Systems greater than 1 MW If you have a system greater than 1 MW, we will make monthly submissions to Ofgem together with meter reads, fuel measurement and sustainability information required. Depending on the type of fuel used, Ofgem will also require lab reports for contamination testing which you will need to complete yourself. All the way through from receiving your data, undertaking a sense check prior to submission, through to ensuring timely submission for Ofgem review and approval before payments are received, we take care of it all.   How will I benefit? Our PDS service is priced dependent on the complexity of the systems you have in place. However, at a fixed monthly price you receive a quality assured PDS service which includes the following benefits:
  • A timely submission of periodic data to Ofgem.
  • Sense check of data to check for any anomalies ahead of submission to Ofgem.
  • A dedicated point of contact.
  • Email and telephone support, should you have any queries or need any assistance.
If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your data submissions, please get in touch with the team on 024 7669 6512
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