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Andrew Armstrong

Andrew Armstrong

Head of Sales, Mootral

Andrew grew up on a mixed farm in Northern Ireland before graduating from Lancaster University. He then spent 14 years working in the UK ruminant feed sector and later transitioned into the feed additive space, working across all species at both European and global levels. Last year, Andrew joined Mootral as Head of Sales. 

Join Andrew in person at the following:

Capturing & Reducing GHG Emissions Session

The End of the Beginning: Changing Agriculture for Good

Thursday, 7 March at 13:10.

About this session:

Join Mootral in unraveling the pivotal role of addressing enteric methane for on-farm greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Explore strategies, discover rewards, and unlock opportunities for sustainable dairy production. Recognize the interconnectedness of animal health, farmer economics, and climate change — where embedding health benefits and productivity gains into climate solutions becomes imperative for a sustainable future in animal agriculture. In this paradigm, animal health, farmer economics, and planetary outcomes stand on an equal plane.





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