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Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards

Head of Sustainable Energy, Fisher German

Darren is Head of Sustainable Energy at Fisher German LLP and has worked in the sector now for nearly 20 years, building up expertise in a range of generating technologies as well as reactive power and balancing schemes.   Darren advises landowners across the UK on projects scaling kilowatt’s to multi-megawatt’s and has been involved in the implementation of an extensive portfolio of such energy projects, from inception to completion.  Darren assisted a number of the UK’s leading clearing banks in formulating their renewable energy lending policies and is responsible for leading a team of experts who have provided due diligence and valuation services to those lenders for over £1bn of assets.  More recently he finds himself in the role of expert witness for litigious cases involving energy technology whilst also launching ‘Delivering Net Zero’, a service dedicated to supporting commercial property owners to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of their property portfolios.

Join Darren in person at the following:

The Opportunities Surrounding a Fully Decarbonised Energy System

A fully decarbonised energy system – through the eyes of a land agent

Thursday, 7 March at 13:10.

About this session:

Darren will explore what’s currently topical in the green energy sector, emerging trends and opportunities for land and property owners




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