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Elizabeth Stockdale

Elizabeth Stockdale

Head of Farming Systems Research, NIAB

Elizabeth Stockdale is Head of Farming Systems and Agronomy Research at NIAB. She is actively engaged in knowledge exchange to inform and shape research towards solutions for the triple challenges of food/ biomass production, biodiversity and GHG emissions in drained lowland peatland landscapes in England. She also leads the Paludiculture Exploration Fund Engagement programme (Nature For Climate Fund).

Join Elizabeth in person at the following:

Capturing & Reducing GHG Emissions Session

The challenges and opportunities for agriculture on lowland peat

Thursday, 7 March at 13:10.

About this session:

Peatlands are the most efficient terrestrial carbon sinks, but have been severely destabilised by drainage, such that peatlands now account for 3-5% of all anthropogenic GHG emissions, in the UK and globally. The UK’s 2050 Net Zero target incorporates ambitious targets for mitigating peatland GHG emissions which can only be achieved by rewetting. But these peatlands are also an important sources of the UK’s vegetables and other food/biomass crops. We will explore how a wetter farming landscape in the UK’s lowland peatlands will bring challenges but also new opportunities for the farming community.





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