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Eoin Sharkey

Eoin Sharkey

Founder, Biofactory

Eoin is the founder and CEO of BioFactory, an innovative engineering company focused on enabling AD technology for small and medium scale farms. BioFactory’s modular “Micro AD Farm” solution is cost effective for farms with upwards of 80 cows, whilst reducing on-farm emissions from existing slurry handling practices.

Join Eoin in person at the following:

Waste Management Session 

Why AD should be part of your slurry management solution

Thursday, 7 March at 15:10.

About this session:

Anaerobic Digestion is a fantastic technology, well proven on large scale waste processing. BioFactory demonstrates the benefits of AD for farmers, and how their modular approach enables the technology on small and medium scale dairy farms, increasing energy independence whilst cutting cost and carbon emissions from slurry handling.





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