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Ian Wilkinson

Ian Wilkinson

Founder, FarmED

Ian Wilkinson co-founded FarmED in 2013 following over thirty years at the helm of Cotswold Seeds Ltd. Ian is passionate about sharing knowledge of regenerative farming methods to capture carbon and improve the fertility of our soils. Ian conceived FarmED, a not-for-profit demonstration farm centre in the Cotswolds, to be at the heart of local, regional and global agroecological transition. Last year, FarmED won the prestigious Ashden Award for Future Farmers, among a raft of local and national awards. Since FarmED’s official launch in 2021, by King Charles, then HRH Prince of Wales, Ian and his team have welcomed over 25,000 visitors per year, who have included thought leaders and policy makers, scientists, academics, food industry, land agents, advisors, farmers and growers and the local community. By championing farmers, leading inspiring farm walks and providing courses and events in a neutral space for debate, Ian works passionately to highlight how we can build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and the planet.

Join Ian in person at the following:

Transitioning to a Regenerative Farming System

Practical steps to regenerative farming

Wednesday, 6 March at 13:10.

About this session:

In his presentation, Ian will share his own story and steps into regenerative farming and where others could start when looking into the world of regenerative and agroecological farming. 





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