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Márton Németh

Márton Németh

Managing Director, Silvanus Forestry / Naturesoak

Márton Németh is the Managing Director of Silvanus Group, a family company originally established in 1980, which has diversified into the research and development of fast-growing varieties more than 20 years ago. Márton graduated from Bocconi University in 2016 in International Economics, Management and Finance and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Sopron. He has worked in the finance sector as well as the tech sector and now has more than 5 years of full-time experience in the biomass and industrial wood production industry.

Join Márton in person at the following sessions:

Revolutionise farming & gardening with Nature Soak

Wednesday, 6 March at 15:10.

Biomass, Biochar and Its' Role in Net Zero Plans 

Plantation based Forestry and Long-Term Carbon Sequestration with Black Locust

Thursday, 7 March at 11:10. 

About this session:

Our company, dating back more than 40 years, specialises in the research of fast-growing tree varieties, biomass, industrial wood production plantations and long-term carbon sequestration. The result of decades of research and development is the Robinia pseudoacacia ’Turbo Obelisk’ variety group, which grows twice as fast as the traditional species and with a straight stem (the traditional species is not straight at all). This is extremely important in terms of efficiency, as due to the growth characteristics of the variety, we can minimize waste wood and produce as much as 60-70% industrial wood. This is vital regarding long-term carbon sequestration, especially given the extremely high quality, dense hardwood that we can produce (Janka hardness of 1,700 lbf).








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