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Neil Watkins

Neil Watkins

Director, Eco Crops Ltd

Neil Watkins, Managing Director of Eco Crops Ltd, is a leading expert in low carbon perennial wood crops, paving the way to carbon net zero for growers across the country.

With fifteen years of experience in the wood crops and bioenergy sector, Neil has gained invaluable insights into the development, promotion, and establishment of biomass crops in the UK.

Neil’s contributions have earned him national and international recognition for his achievements in introducing and advocating for the integration of sustainable biomass crops into the farm mix, complementing biodiversity, livestock and arable food crops.

Working closely with farmers and landowners in the field, he strives to maximise their crop yields and revenue while boosting the wider environmental benefits in a step towards profitable yet carbon-neutral farming.

Specialising in all energy crops such as Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow wood crops, SRC poplar and Short Rotation Forestry (SRF), Neil is committed to simultaneously supporting the environment. His passion lies in enhancing biodiversity net gain, improving food production in agroforestry silvopasture and silvoarable systems, and refining harvesting techniques for optimal outputs.

He is also widening the scope of end products and expanding end market options with sustainable wood-based products, offering growers increased opportunities to sell their crops and diversify their income streams.

At the forefront of bioenergy innovation, Neil collaborates with British growers and government departments to cultivate sustainable UK-grown wood-based products and drive low carbon strategies nationwide.


Join Neil in person at the following:

Biomass, Biochar and its' Role in Net Zero Plans

Understanding the perennial biomass crop options and the wider on-farm benefits

Thursday, 7 March at 11:10.

About this session:

Dive into the world of low carbon wood-based crops with sustainable wood crops expert, Neil Watkins of Eco Crops Ltd.

Join his insightful talk to understand and explore perennial biomass crop options, revealing their benefits and strategies for optimal yields, biodiversity net gain, environmental sustainability and economic viability. Gain valuable insights into optimising your perennial wood crops and maximising the return on your investment.






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